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Große Kreuzkirche von außen
Kleine Kreuzkirche
Fachwerkhaus im Lutterweg
Kleine Kreuzkirche
Örtzepark in Hermannsburg
Dorfidylle in Hermannsburg
Misselhorner Heide bei Hermannsburg
Heidefläche am Wietzer Berg zur Zeit der Heideblüte
Die Örtze in Hermannsburg
Luftaufnahme vom Angelbecksteich
Der Lüßwald bei Unterlüß
Hermannsburg von oben

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Am Markt 3
29320 Hermannsburg


Tourist Information 05052 / 6574


Tourist Information 05052 / 6549



1. November - OsternMo - Fr 10:00 - 12.00 Uhr
Ostern - 31. OktoberMo - So 09:00 - 12.00 Uhr
Mo - Fr 14:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Feiertage 09:00 - 12.00 Uhr


Welcome to Hermannsburg!


The heath town of Hermannsburg is situated at the heart of Suedheide Nature Park. Located in the scenically beautiful Oertze valley, Hermannsburg is surrounded by various woodlands and the heath expanses of Suedheide. Hermannsburg is a rural resort with ideal conditions for recharging your batteries on a holiday in nature


What makes Hermannsburg so special?

Hermannsburg lies in 
Naturpark Südheide on the edge of the Central Luess Plateau. This varied landscape is home to expanses of heath such as: 

  • Heide am Wietzer Berg
  • Heidefläche am Angelbecksteich.
  • The primeval Luess Forest also belongs to this area and, together with the heath areas, makes Hermannsburg particularly attractive for nature lovers. The River Oertze, named by renowned poet Hermann Loens as "the heath’s most authentic river” in his works, flows through the heart of the town. 

    Hermannsburg: a place with a missionary history


    Hermannsburg has three churches all in all:

    • Große Kreuzkirche
  • Kleine Kreuzkirche
  • St.-Peter-Paul-Kirche
  • The large number of churches in Hermannsburg can be traced back to a long missionary history that is still of significance to the town to this day. Visitors with an interest in culture have an opportunity to learn many interesting facts about the town’s history and view corresponding exhibitions at the Ludwig-Harms-Haus building. There is also a lot to discover and learn about those times and the history of the heath town at the Heimatmuseum over the road. 

    Activities around and about Hermannsburg


    Cycling and hiking tours

    You can set off  on a bicycle tour on the sign-posted cycle path network or discover the heath and woodlands hiking on expansive trails  directly from your holiday residence. Guided tours are also on the programme menu. 

    Paddle tours

    paddling tours on River Oertze in the summer gives you an opportunity to "experience” the Oertze valley from a different perspective. 


    Would you like to bring your own horses? Various riding centres and farms with stables are at your service in and around Hermannsburg. You can discover the region on horseback
    on a 400 km network of bridle paths.


    Carriage rides

    Covered wagon rides through heath and woodland are highly recommendable during the warm season. Make use of our event calendar to find out what’s going on during your stay.


    Around and about Hermannsburg


    It is not least the town’s central location in relations to the numerous excursion destinations in Lueneburg Heath that makes a holiday in Hermannsburg so attractive: 

    • Museum Village Hoesseringen
  • Timber-framed town of Celle
  • Walsrode Bird Sanctuary
  • The Otter Centre in Hankensbuettel
  • The Mill Museum
  • Heidepark amusement park  
  • All of these attractions and many more are just 30 to 60 minutes away by car.


    Holidaying in Hermannsburg


    Whether you’re coming for just a few days or a longer stay: Hermannsburg and the surrounding area have a lot to offer. Many modern and cosy accommodation options are at your disposal – private rooms and holiday apartments as well as various comfortably equipped hotels. 


    Culinary art in Hermannsburg


    Our varied and qualified cafés and restaurants serve seasonal dishes and regional specialities:

    • Restaurant Gut Landliebe
      Be spoiled by the superior gastronomy of this stylish restaurant and enjoy traditional regional specialities such as roast moorland lamb.
  • Restaurant Gänsestuben Misselhorner Hof
    Choose from a menu that changes with the seasons and be surprised at the creativity of the restaurant’s cooks.
  • Restaurant-Café im Wiesengrund
    Try out the fried potatoes that the restaurant is famous for and enjoy the freshness of regional produce.
  • Restaurant La Taverna
    Experience alternating events such as art exhibitions, music and film evenings as well as a varied and delicious menu.
  • Restaurant zur alten Fuhrmanns-Schänke
    Enjoy regional delicacies in a cosy atmosphere on the idyllic terrace of the restaurant situated on the moorland sheep trail. 
  • Moorland lamb specialities, game from the region, mushroom dishes, asparagus and naturally our heath potatoes are especially popular.

    We will be pleased to give you some personalised tips, book your accommodation and advise you on what to do on holiday in Hermannsburg. Just pop in and see us at the Tourist Information Office at the town hall.


    We look forward to seeing you in Hermannsburg!



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